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The Orchestra & Opera TriRhena was created in Saint-Louis, France in 2007. Its name is inspired from the Rhine river which flows through three countries; France, Switzerland and Germany.

Because of its geographical location in Eastern France, this region is a distinct blend of three different cultures and various musical traditions.

As a result, the ensemble of professional musicians and soloists from the Opéra TriRhena are formed regionally from their native France and internationally from neighboring Switzerland and Germany.

The size of the musical ensemble is adapted to the specific musical project and performance conditions giving great flexibility.

An example of of this philosophy was demonstrated in our performance of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro at the the Café Littéraire of Saint-Louis. For the inauguration of the Musée Fernet Branca in Saint-Louis, an all-orchestral concert was performend in combination with a modern art exposition. In Mulhouse, we performed a "Do it yourself Messiah" with vocal soloists and organ combined with audience participation.

Finally, the mission of the Orchestra & Opera TriRhena is to make opera excessible and enjoyable to all ages, cultures and economic classes while performing at the very highest level.